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  • Pastor Pete, Senior Minister

    Get to know Pete:

    Pete Hopkins grew up in New England. In 1982, God changed Pete’s life!  Pete became a Christian through a home Bible study, which was led by his parents. In 1984, Pete was baptized and ordained in 2001 by the same church (where he later served as an Associate Pastor).  

    In college, Pete met his beautiful wife, Norah, who is an Illinois native. They officially starting dating after a Spring Break mission trip to Daytona Beach, and married while they were in seminary. They have been married for almost two decades with no regrets! 

    God further blessed Pete and Norah with three precious children: JJ, Jaydon, and Jocelyn. Pete has served in the ministry for many years as a pastor and missionary. Pete served internationally as a missionary and church planter in different countries of Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Pete served as a pastor in various churches of the Washington DC Metro Area, Connecticut, and Illinois. 

    Pete is an endorsed chaplain and a licensed mental health professional. Norah is a neonatal and pediatric nurse at Carle Hospital, and especially gifted in the art of crochet. Pete and his family enjoy the outdoors, sports, music, martial arts tournaments, and occasionally watch their alma mater, Fighting Illini, win a football game. 

  • Candi Evans

    Director of Youth Ministries

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  • Key Beuttel

    Director of God's Garden Preschool

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  • MaryLyn Sundberg

    Office Manager

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