God's Garden Preschool

A child's basic personality and ability to learn is developed by 5 years of age. These years are precious to the Church to form a solid foundation of Christian Education for future learning. We are committed to provide a Christian Education for preschool children whose parents desire such an experience for them. With a Christ-centered, love-motivated, well-structured program, Heyworth Christian Preschool seeks to provide a child with social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual direction which will not only prepare him for elementary school, but also for life. 

MonthlyPayments  should be made to Breeze at this link:


Student applications will be accepted starting January 29th for the 2024/2025 and it can be found under our Resources page.

Registration fees must be paid in check or cash directly to God's Garden.  

If you want more information about how to register for God's Garden Preschool please contact:

Ms. Victoria 309-473-2771